During those long family road trips, my siblings and I would gather in the back of the '72 Chevy Beauville van and play endless rounds of card and/or board games. Sure, we weren't seatbelted (and thus might as well have been juggling buckets of fuming nitric acid and loaded .45s, as far as today's panicky child-safety fanatics are concerned), but we didn't need no goddamn entertainment center in the vehicle to keep us from driving our parents crazy, neither! Anyway, one of our very favorite road-trip games was a vintage copy of Parker Brothers' fine driving game, Touring.

I just dug up the family's old Touring deck; my dad got this game as a gift when he was a teenager. Straight to the scanner with this fine vintage automotive-themed artwork!

Touring, and its cousin/successor Mille Bornes, was sold by Parker Brothers from the early 20th century through the mid-1970s.

This is the 1957 edition, though the vehicles on the cards seem to be of late-30s vintage.

The point of the game was to build up a certain number of each type of mileage card. Your opponents could thwart you, however, by playing problem cards on you. Here are the rules for the '47 version.

For example, the dreaded Collision. This is the most evil card in the deck, and it inspires much the same dread as the appearance of the Queen of Spades in a Hearts game. I've always liked that the crash seems to involve a Wisconsin beer truck from 1930.

Dig that old-timey gas station! This would have seemed pretty dated in the fins-and-rocket-science late 1950s.

The only cure for a Collision was, of course, to be Hauled In.

And, of course, when you dropped the Puncture card on your hapless opponent, you had to make an air-escaping "PSSSSSHHH!" noise. Don't worry, hapless opponent, Joe can fix you up.