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And The 24 Hours Of LeMons South Winner Is... The Dorifto Dogs BMW 325e!

Illustration for article titled And The 24 Hours Of LeMons South Winner Is... The Dorifto Dogs BMW 325e!

You know how it works: you give the BMW E30 racers a hard time and one of them is sure to win the race. That's how it worked out today.


The Dorifto Dogs' 1986 BMW 325e shook off the shame of their "Noch Einer Scheiß-E30" stencils to take the win, and it was quite the dramatic near-photo finish. The second-place Lightning McQueen Jetta was only about 40 seconds back when the checkered flag got busted out, and it had been steadily gaining about 5 seconds per lap on the Dogs for the prior hour or so. That's right, we've got German cars in first and second place this time; check in later for complete results.

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Ted Hamilton

I was the driver of the Saab for the last 3 hrs. and we congratulated both McQueen and that e30 its' deserved win. BUT.... the reason that e30 win was a massive fuel cell with less stops. McQueen and I were running flat out, and whatever that Jetta was, it wasn't your standard! :) I think we've about reached the peak of 1985 Saab performance. The jetta set a faster lap, and the mustang that got crushed. Saturday night in the lead sure felt good, though... ;)