Cadillac's ill satisfied with selling only as many cars in Europe as can be counted on Bob Lutz's hands. It wants a larger chunk of the continent's luxury market. The problem is, Europeans know Cadillac (perhaps better than we do) for cars as long as a Spanish galleon and twice as floaty, not as rebodied Saabs. Still, the company announced (again) it's launching the new BLS wagon, the company's first real station wagon (sorry, SRX, your ground clearance is too high) in Frankfurt. It's a continued push to shore up its European line. Sharing the spotlight will be the midsize 2008 CTS, which will face off against the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class, likely to expected results at first. The question is, even with its French derivation, does Cadillac have a shot in the land where Teutonic sedan stride like titans athwart the earth? The rough go continues.