Arguing about the problems with Sucka Free transit can be likened to fourteen year-olds debating which of Iron Maiden's 1980s lighting rigs were the coolest. (We're voting for Somewhere on Tour if there's an official record.) Board of Supervisors honcho Aaron Peskin has posited that "Voters will have to ask themselves: Do you want San Francisco to be more like Paris or Los Angeles?" We love Paris and Los Angeles, but the parking situation in SF is untenable, and the fact that property owners are restricted on single-family-home garage building rankles us to no end. On the other hand, the public transit initiative proposed sounds tantalizing, as SF is a very transit-workable environment. The downside? The pro-transit faction has embedded a poison pill into their initiative that if passed, would negate the improved-parking bill. Which means to us, as interesting and important as the transit initiative is, we'd be forced to cast a strong nein toward the fascists. Both parking and transit in The City need improvement. It's not an either/or solution. Also, please castrate the DPT and stop bending over for Auto Return. Thank you. We love you, San Francisco. [SFGate]