GM Kills Chevy Impala SS... Again

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According to analysis of GM ordering guides by forum fan-boys at GMInsideNews, GM's killed both the Chevy Impala SS and Chevy Cobalt SS sedan for 2010.


You'll still be able to get a Cobalt SS as a coupe, but the Impala SS is dead... for the second time. When GM said they were putting their performance divisions on indefinite hold we knew to expect no new performance vehicles, but we kind of expected them to keep existing vehicles around. Guess not.

Are we disappointed? Given how much damage the small block V8 + FWD Impala SS does to the once-loved nameplate we're not sure there's going to be extensive negative fallout from the decision. There's probably more potential for enthusiast negative reaction from killing the Cobalt Sedan, but that's muted by retention of the coupe.

Frankly, the Impala SS — and really the Impala itself in any trim level — represents product inconsistent with where the brand's hoping to go and it's probably better to cut off what doesn't work in favor of saving SS versions of cars buyers actually want. However, we're hoping this leaves open the potential for a G8-based Impala and Impala SS. [GM Product Page via GM Inside News]


Yeah there's really no need for a 5.3L V8 in this car that only puts out 303 hp when GM could stick in the 3.6L DI V6 that makes just as much power with better fuel economy. I'm all for big V8 engines, but when a V6 does it better then it's time to let go.