Teenager Impersonates Kool Aid Man In Saleen Mustang

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This 16-year-old, unlicensed driver tried his best to impersonate the Kool Aid man, driving through a brick wall, jumping a pool Dukes of Hazzard-style, then bursting through the living room of a house. Oh Yeah!


The OC Register is reporting the teen was a resident of the neighborhood in which the incident occurred and was heard revving the engine of the blue Saleen Mustang before losing control and plowing into the house. Fortunately, no one inside the house was injured, but the house took on serious damage by the errant Mustang. (Hat tip to all who sent this in!) [via OCregister]

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Ok... So he crashed through a wall at 85mph jumped a pool and parked in a family room. Did the thought ever occur to him to hit the brakes? Yeah he may have hit the wall and landed in the pool but there's no way he would've made it over. It really looks like he went balls to the wall (no pun intended) and floored it. Maybe he was trying to get back at Daddy for ignoring him (though he apparently knew how to drive stick to get the car to 85mph so someone had to teach him)? or dare I say it suicide (though hell there's a fucking Saleen Mustang in your garage, how bad could your life really be?) I don't know. Either way, Its the loss of a beautiful car and just another story to add to the collection of reasons my insurance is so high. Thanks asshat.