The first thing we need to know about this car is that it has enormous fins. While GM liked sharp pointy fins on its cars of this era (as we've seen a few blocks from this car), Chrysler decided that fins needed to be thick, with bulk.

But if we can wrench our eyes from those glorious, insane fins, we may want to contemplate the fact that the '57 New Yorker had the largest engine available in any production car that year.

And you bet your ass that engine was a Hemi! A 325-horsepower 392 gave this car the power needed to perform huge smoky burnouts in front of the country club. Talk about your storied engine heritage, too; we all know what the 392 was doing on the dragstrips of the late 50s, eh?

Oooh, but the fins! The golden color sweep! The absurd chrome louver-ish thingies! I must have one of these!

Just in case you don't recognize it, that Mercedes is a previous DOTS car. Yes, it looks like the same person owns both of them. It is truly Car Utopia at this East End house.

Hmm... they could have built auxiliary fuel tanks inside those fins, giving the New Yorker intercontinental range.

What we have here is a show-quality New Yorker than parks on the street most days. Sure, it's a quiet side street in a wealthy neighborhood, but this car still lives outside.