Drawing Awesome Hot Rod Sleds On A Nintendo DS

Christian Pearce, illustrator extraordinaire, sees no limits when it comes to his hot rod art, proving that even the touchscreen-enabled Nintendo DS and the homebrew app, Colors can be a deadly combo for imaginative creation.

Christian Pearce isn't just some random illustrator with a knack for unusual media. The New Zealand-based man has amazing talent as proven by his employment at Peter Jackson's Weta Workshop, creating the dinosaurs for the most recent King Kong movie. Weta might sounds familiar to some of you as this is the same production studio that brought us the real-life Warthog, the gun-turret-wielding off-road beast from the popular XBOX franchise, Halo.


Pearce's work has become so popular in his kiwi hometown that he was featured in an exhibition titled 99DS this past February in Wellington alongside fellow Nintendo DS Colors artist, Greg Broadmore. [Drawn! via ChristianPearce.blogspot, 99DS]

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