What's 100 horsepower between stoic, cross-border acquaintances? That's exactly what Switzerland's Sportec has accomplished vis à vis their Teutonic neighbor's Porsche 911 Turbo. It's the SP580, a title comprising the tuner porker's horsepower figure. The top kit among three stages of tweakage includes a turbo upgrade, ECU hack, stainless-steel exhaust system with high-flow catalytic converters and quad tailpipes. Torque measures 564 lb-ft, providing enough thrust to hit 60 mph from a stop in 3.4 seconds, and reach a v-max of 210 mph. Stiffer suspension tune and a body kit complete the Helvetic additionals. Expect some manner of international throwdown on the E41 autobahn to Stuttgart. [Autoblog.it]