The $495 Mercedes 230S won yesterday's Project Car Hell poll, beating the VW Type 3 by a decisive margin. It has come to our attention that some of you are confused about exactly what it is we're voting on in the Project Car Hell series- is it the car you'd most want as a project, or the one you most fear? Well, the answer is: yes! Vote for the project you'd have to be a total idiot to take on, but that would also be the most fun when finished. If you could ever finish it, that is...

Our first car is a Frankenstein Special out of the Reno area; after its mad-scientist creator shot a man just to watch him die (but before he got sent to Folsom), he stuck a '54 Packard body onto a '72 Buick frame. We don't know what kind of Buick provided the frame, but we do know it has a torque-bomb 455! No, it doesn't run, but according to the seller it just needs some "minor motor work" to roar off into the desert. Does "minor" mean points and plugs, or bad rod bearings? It'll cost you 800 clams to find that out, cowboy!

You say you only buy projects that run right now? This here 1958 Rambler American (suggested by our tipster pal Alex) is the project for you! It just needs some interior work. Uh, and some exterior work, too. But so what? It runs, and it's got a pushbutton shifter to boot! And fins! There's a bit of confusion about the asking price; the listing title says $500, but the listing body contains the statement "The price is only $600.00 and is as low as I will go."

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