283 Mile Ferrari F40 sells for $710,000

The 1991 Ferrari F40 Lee Iaccoca bought new sold for an impressive $710,000 at yesterday's RM Auctions Arizona event. While the car had two owners after Iacocca sold the car it had an amazing 283 miles on it when it arrived in Arizona to be auctioned.

This F40 was 94th of the 213 U.S.-specification F40s when it was built during October 1990. Almost as amazing as the car's low mileage is the fact the car remains on the Manufacturers Statement of Origin, meaning it has never been registered. Although the car's price seems high it falls close to the middle of RM's pre auction estimate of $650,000-$750,000.


We know it is the car's low mileage and the fact that it remains on the MSO that makes this F40 so collectible and accordingly valuable. Even so, the idea of having an F40 in the garage that you can't drive sounds to us like a cruel form of torture. We're guessing whoever paid $710,000 for this ultra low mileage Ferrari might have a different take on owning the car.

Hat tip to ShantJ, resident Citroën fanboi!
[RM Auctions via Classics & Sports Car Facebook]


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