For the first time in a long time (two years) FoMoCo has achieved quarterly earnings. In fact, over the past three months Ford has netted $750 million. Last year, same period? They lost $317 million. And only $206 million of this profitable quarterly comes from selling Aston Martin. Speaking of selling, good night Jag and Land Rover. Following months of denials, Ford is finally admitting in public what everyone has known all along. Ford is talking with "parties that have expressed interest" in the remaining British members of the once mighty PAG (as Jamie Kitman once called it, "Pretty Alright Group") and they're even leaving Volvo's future up in the air, essentially saying, "we'll see." Also, the $1.1 billion they squeezed out of the UAW seems to really be working wonders as Ford is still on track to show an actual yearly profit by 2009. []