This week at TreeHugger: They may be fishing buddies from Wales, but it ain't fishing tackle they've got in their little Green Box: it's the ability to turn car exhaust back into fuel. Ethanol is raising the prices of everything from beef to beer, now coffee is taking a spike. Porsche formally announced that the Cayenne will be reborn in the hybrid universe, adding another to the controversial army of hybrid SUVs. Is it any wonder rich geeks love it? The Prius is now the best selling car in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, Toyota keeps stepping up its green game, but is it for real or just eco-strutting? Let's have a look, shall we? The Smart fortwo is ready to hit American roads, but is it ready to run with the pack? GoinGreen is London's peculiar dealer of G-Wiz electric cars. Well, it looks like they're doing something right. Now all the kids can drive a Tesla, too. Microsoft will feature the electric speed demon in Project Gotham Racing 4. [TreeHugger's Perspective Shift roundup appears every Wednesday]