One of our favorite pastimes involves the 2 North to the 134 West interchange right where Eagle Rock hits Glendale. The ramp is a tight, two-lane, 270 degree sweeper. In the AWD goodness that is our WRX we can easily tackle it at over 60 mph. Closer to 70 mph if we choose the outside lane. That's right about where the tires start to chirp. Once in a while we'll even catch a GTI or Civic that feels like racing. It's rarely even a contest. However, today we found ourself in a very empty parking lot. The same parking lot in fact, where we "Jalopnik Roolz" in burnt rubber with the Shelby GT500. The WRX? Not so much. Which got us thinking. Which type of drive do we actually like better? On the one hand, you have serious grip and the added assurance for that once every three years when it rains in LA. On the other, donuts. Mmmm... Donuts.. You?