Is the 912 a real Porsche? That is, do driving-glove-equipped dentists drive it? Sure, it looks like a 911, but that little four-banger in back won't exactly make you feel like a Prussian officer brandishing his riding crop at his cringing inferiors. And, really, isn't that what it's all about?

Well, maybe not. If you look at the 912 the way you'd look at a 356 (i.e., a fairly quick, well-built sports car) instead of using the 911 as your yardstick, the 912 looks pretty good. Actually, from this angle you can still see an awful lot of 356 in this car.

Porsche figured they'd need an "entry-level" car when they dropped the 356 after '65; the '67 912 was $4790, compared to $5990 for the base 911. Of course, even the 912 was almost two grand more than a '67 GTO, so it was still intended for the well-heeled.

This one's somewhat rough, but check out the original yellow-on-black plates!

Looks like something heavy has been dropped on the left front fender. This and the banged-up bumper are the only major body damage on this car, so it's not too far from being nice enough to please the car-show crowd (though the Porsche guys are extra-picky).

By God, it is a real Porsche! The proof is right there on the hood! Of course, the 914 also has the Porsche emblem...

Porsche would do well to put some 60s-sports-car-ness back in their cars today- if nothing else, to win back the all-important Tura Satana demographic.

It's just good to see this car still driving every day and parking on the street.