The 20R-powered Sprite won last Friday's Project Car Hell poll, so now let's take a look at two more fine project cars available on Craigslist today...

The point of this poll is to vote for the project you think would be the most torture, but also the most rewarding. Each car will score quite high on the Cool Ride-O-Meter, each will be cheap, and each will be ungodly painful to fix up. Soooo... today we have:

This wonderful 1965 Rover 2000, for the three-figure asking price of just $999! It's pretty much all there and the photo quality gets an A++ grade by Craigslist standards, but those darned brakes just don't work (so you can't test drive it). A big plus is that the owner actually got a non-op registration on it, so no back registration payments. Plus, let's face it, Rover saloons are cool. The big minus? Better book your next flight to the UK if you want parts!

But hey, you're not some warm-beer-drinkin', Dresden-bombin', Irish-oppressin' Brit, are you? Hail no! That's why you probably need to be the proud owner of this super-patriotic '64 Chevy Biscayne Hearse! You'd be able to get that whole "rollin' in my six-four" Impala style thing going on, while laughing at all those other guys driving dime-a-dozen Caddy hearses. For you, my friend, a mere $700. Sure, the 283 is froze (sic), but the ghosts of past passengers would haunt you unless you got 409 power, anyway.

So what's it gonna be? The somewhat-intact parts-nightmare Rover? Or the basket-case Chevy hearse?

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