The Internets are a flurry! Last month we referred to a potential potential Maserati GranTurismo Spyder with a retractable hardtop. That story was based on speculation from Edmunds. Then came word the same vehicle, sans much of its cladding and caught on a dynometer, was in fact a Ferrari Dino. However, the tulip tiptoeing dudes at noticed something pretty important. The heavily camoed mystery ride sports a wheelbase about two feet shorter than the big-daddy GranTurismo. And Ferrari has been in Dino-denying mode for the past half-decade. The Dutch Autobloggers are claiming this mule is an entirely new vehicle, slated to slot into the line up as the entry-level Maserati. If that's the case, we say bring it on. By the way, next week we'll let you know that this car is actually the new Fiat Topolino. []