G8 Survival Again In Doubt?

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Much to the frustration of G8 fans, when GM Marketing Chief Bob Lutz said the Pontiac G8 will become the Chevy Caprice he might have meant a Caprice only for police work. What's happening?


To summarize: CEO Fritz Henderson first says G8 GXP survival unlikely. Then, Lutz says it's coming back. Today we find out from AutoBlog that Fritz said yesterday:

We've been looking at it for police applications. As for whether or not it's broader than police applications, I am not a believer in re-branding and re-badging. We've been talking about in terms of potential police applications and we'll leave it at that."

It could be a long year if the "New GM" is going to be nothing but Lutz Said/Fritz Said. Either way, big G8 fans may at least be able to settle on retired police cars.



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