Bake Fresh Cookies On Your Car Dashboard While You Work!

Illustration for article titled Bake Fresh Cookies On Your Car Dashboard While You Work!

Wouldn't it be great to get off work, maybe key-stripe Bill Lumbergh's Porsche as you head through the parking lot, and open your car door to the aroma of fresh chocolate chip cookies?


You're damn right it would be great! Life in The Man's salt mines would be just that much easier if you could look forward to some hot, gooey choco-chip treats on the drive home (yeah, that'd be dangerous, but there's a risk/reward calculation here that makes it totally worth it). The only drawback appears to be the lack of cookie browning (due to in-car temperatures being insufficient to caramelize sugar), but supposedly they taste just fine. Maybe fire up the in-car pizza oven during your drive and you'd have all the major food groups covered: sugar, salt, and grease!

[BakingBites, via Making Light, via BoingBoing]


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Rob Emslie

Oh Murilee- You can pull a turbo 350 out of a junkyard nova with one hand; can craft amazing, and thought-provoking shapes with your facial hair; and bake cookies on your dashboard! Does your talent know any bounds? I think not.