Cadillac “Re-Analyzing” CTS-V SportWagon

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GM CEO Fritz Henderson just confirmed that, in addition to yesterday's news on the CTS-V Coupe, there could also be a Cadillac CTS-V SportWagon. Let the heavens be praised.


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A while back I had my Caddy wishlist. It included a CTS Coupe, V-Coupe, and V-wagon. Check, Check, maybe Check.

Now we hear of existing plans for a 3-fighter coupe/sedan - the RWD ATS - Czech.

A new flagship, the XTS - which is inspired by the Sixteen. Cha-check-ching.

We also already know a Voltec-powered model based on the Converj will be a reality, so checkj.

And if trends continue, the Escalade will move to a car platform. Checkity-checkity-choo.

These are impressive, ambitious plans, that all but satisfy my checklist. If Caddy follows through on everything here, they will truly be the standard of the world once again.

That's a big if.