The Stingray Concept Won't Be The C7 Corvette

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CorvetteBlogger reports GM issued go codes on the C7 Corvette for April, 2012 production as a 2013 model. Rumors now swirl that it'll be based on the Corvette Stingray concept. They're wrong. Come back tomorrow for how we know. [CorvetteBlogger]



From a Buick 6

Do we even need another Corvette in 2012? Can't GM just give it a face lift, some interior upgrades and maybe some engine tweaks? The name "Corvette" sells itself, so why must they redesign it more often than the Impala? The C3 lasted from '68-'82 and the C4 from '83-'96 with no major changes, and it never hurt the car's popularity.

Oh, and, Ray, three things:

1) GM's long-term product planning is, at best, half-assed, and most likely pure, unfiltered bullshit. Whatever they're claiming right now almost certainly wont be seen in 2012. However, part of what I love about Jalopnik is the lack of "Mid-engined Rotary 'Vette in 2015!" crap that drove me away from print rags like Motor Trend. I'm guessing you've got more accurate inside information from that press preview the other day, so I'm sure you're story is better than that...don't let me down, man.

2) That Stingray concept is ugly, anyway.

3) You're such a tease!