Commenter Of The Day: The Big Break Edition

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Broadway and Hollywood have always been obsessed with the idea of athletes, writers, actors, singers, et cetera getting their one big break and making it. It's the story of 42nd Street, A Chorus Line, Dreamgirls, Invincible, and an almost infinite number of similar stories. Perhaps it's because these institutions themselves are the instruments by which this sort of breakthrough occurs (well, before American Idol). Or maybe we're obsessed with the concept because, deep down, we're all still waiting for that big break. The Power Wheels sliding kid may be the next to realize his big break, according to FlatheadSmith.


A Not So Distant in the Future Story:

REPORT: Roger Penske Meets With Power Wheels Mustang Kid Today

By Ray Wert, 7:12 PM on Mon Aug 20 2009, 3,174 views

We're told the hottest up-and-coming Sprint Cup free agent is the Power Wheels Mustang Kid. Nobody knows where he'll end up, but speculation's focused on Roger Penske's #12 car. Today, an anonymous tipster spotted Power Wheels Mustang Kid meeting with Penske. Full report below.

"was doing business at penske this morning and i saw the power wheels mustang kid who is the detroit native go into the building with a man who appeared to be his agent, the car was still there 3 hours later when i left. I imagine roger is trying to get the power wheels mustang kid away from earnhardt and hendrick to run him in sprint cup."

Well, is it true? If it is, what will that mean for David Stremme? Anyone else see the Power Wheels Mustang Kid out at Penske's facility in Detroit? Let us know in the comments or e-mail me - we'll try our damndest to keep track of this soap opera in the making!

You read it here first.


Good job, Mr. FlatHeadSmith and congratulations! Your pretigious award is a special edition photo of Step 2 of Mr. engineerd's process of making his bathtub Brefass Scotch (aka BS). In this Step 2 photo, we have the squished scotch (from yesterday's COTD), being mixed with other secret ingredients. When the batch is done, a bottle of this BS will be sent to you. Step 3 tomorrow.