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[UPDATE: As the post states, use the bullet points found in the picture of the back of the box. You do not need to use ALL of the words on the box, nor should you use "some of them." Just use the bullet points starting with "Race Ready!" and ending with "working headlights, tail lights & highbeam feature.".] Some sites give away a free car when they get a new and spiffy look. Not Jalopnik — seriously, do you think we're made of money or something? However, what we lack in money, we make up for in panache — the winner will get something sorta like a car — a brand spanking new...Maisto G-Ridez edition 1:10 scale Volkswagen R/C Van named "Samba." And not only is it a "phat ride" (we hear that's how the "kidz" are saying it these days), but it's got a real MP3 player hookup with a "working speaker!" Wowee-wowee-wow. So how can you go about winning this here "phat ride?" Here's how — below we've attached a photo gallery of the V-Dub van, and in one of the shots of the back there's some bullet points highlighting the R/C's "rad" features. Your mission is to take each one of those "rad" features and use all of them in a 100-word essay about our new look and then e-mail that essay to us at with the subject line "Big Jalopnik Contest." You've got until Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST, with the top entries featured here next Friday morning to be voted on by the readers who didn't make the cut. Expect them to be brutal. Check out the standard contest rules and then get your keyboards "race ready" and...Go!