And does Ferrari need the headache? We're all for more Ferraris, but is downmarket the right way to go? Chevy's Z06 already has pwnage on the F430 in terms of raw, thrusting juju and costs $100,000 less. Should the Dino get actualized, it will (obviously) have less to say on the track than its beefier, brawnier sibling. And its guestimated price point of of $100,0000 to $120,000 aims it squarely at another also ran, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Why also ran? Because those are the waters that the Porsche Turbo patrols, and to a lesser extent Audi's R8. Ginsu knives, no matter how shiny, don't play at a gun fight. But that's what we think. How about you?

Image of the "Foamie Ferrari" courtesy of our favorite ever titled foreign blog post []

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