2010 Dodge Caliber Interior: Better By Default

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Chrysler has been in a development holding pattern lately, but they did fix one glaring problem — the Chrysler Sebring's hood. Oh, and they also gave the 2010 Caliber a better interior. We saw it live in Frankfurt. Gallery below.


Fewer sharp 90-degree angles and hard plastics make for a cabin that's more liveable than the previous generation. It isn't exactly revolutionary but it makes the Caliber more competitive with domestic competition from the Focus and Cobalt, though it's still light years behind Honda. And, buy a Caliber now and you get a free European model — almost worth it.



Any topic in which brings up my poor car, I am subject to ridicule, yet here on this site I remain. And I won't convince you to think better of it, I know she's horrible in a lot of regards. But she does exactly what I need her to do, go from point a to point b, which most of america needs. The ones who want to do it quickly are a lot less. But the thing is you guys hate on it unconditionally. They made something different, ok you hate it. Then they did what they could to improve it, fine you still hate it. But I get the feeling that even if we were to take the interior of a BMW and put it in there you'd still hate its guts, unconditionally. Sure it's all quite relative, and relative to most of the jalopnik viewers this car is crap, yet I can't help but find large amounts of humor in the fact that I see them on a daily basis. A car that 99% of you hate yet on the roads more often than you think. It does it's job for traveling with space and it does that at the very least. And I'm sure there are plenty of other cars that have stood though the ridicule of the automotive enthusiast world, but we aren't the majority, so just realize that your opinion is just as relative as anyone elses'.

As for the actual interior, about bloody time. What it should have been when it started, at the very least, if not more. This is what happens when you get that blood leech Daimler off of what used to be a better brand. Hopefully older better Chrysler comes out of this. Sure it's slow progression, but the key word is progression.