First off, I'm going to admit that I'm just simply unable to pin an exact year on this thing- I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in the '69-73 period (license plate indicates early-to-mid-70s), but a guess in the middle of the range is the best I can do (and, yeah, I could have looked at the VIN tag while I was photographing it). Therefore, you FJ40 freaks out there are encouraged to point out the identifying features that indicate the exact year of this truck.

Anyway, it's good to see a good ol' Land Cruiser parked on the street in town. This truck is equally at home hauling the troops of a jungle strongman or desert warlord as it is going through the In-N-Out drive-through.

I'm a city boy and never much got into off-road-type vehicles, but I've always liked the machines Toyota built before they stopped being a car company and became a manufacturer of transportation appliances.

This is definitely what you want your followers to be driving when you get your post-apocalyptic compound set up in the woods. Ammo, freeze-dried food, and Land Cruisers- bring on the collapse of civilization!

Actually, your discerning Third World warlord these days seems to prefer the Hi-Lux to the Land Cruiser for his fleet, no doubt because the Hi-Lux can mount an antiaircraft gun in the bed, plus there's more room for loot.

I just hope the owner of this Toyota occasionally takes it into the mountains to get some dirt under its tires.

A bit of California-style surface body rust here and there, but it's solid.

Remember when that nameplate meant "quirky yet reliable?"

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