Here's Why They Invented Engine Swaps: Buick-ized Triumph Stag

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Remember this DOTSBE '72 Stag? It turns out that the execrable, 8,000-miles-between-rebuilds Triumph V8 has been replaced with the engine British Leyland should have installed in the first place: the Buick/Rover V8.

Given the large overlap between Jalopnik readers and Stag owners- a relationship we're probably better off leaving unexplored- it isn't surprising that we've heard from Zeusnemesis, the owner of this Triumph. Here's what he has to say about his car:

I was trying to post a few pictures in the thread of how Stags should properly appear: Replete with blonde, and top removed (car hardtop, that is, being a family-friendly site.)
Regardless, I know that editors surely hate being the "tech-guy" for every Jalopnik-yokel who wants to post a picture of his junk (uh, his car junk, that is) but I figured given the near-universal love of Stags, blondes, and V-8's on Jalopnik, perhaps I'd forward a few photos to you to include into the thread if you so choose.
It's got a '64 Buick 300 in it, T-350, and Corvette rear end. So, in essence, it's the "Rover swap," but with a few more cubic inches and a cast iron block with aluminum heads — just like the original OHC "Twin-Dolomite" boat anchor.
No 8 foot long single row Simplex timing chains or any other English-engineered tomfoolery (at least under the hood!). Otherwise, it's all English original Stag, through and through.

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Leeeeena the Jalopchick

Some say its curves are so alluring that it draws blondes to it like a magnet... and that its original engine was so unreliable that the only way it could possibly move under its own power is with an engine swap.

All we know is, it's called the Stag.