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Ferrari's said repeatedly they're not building a baby Ferrari, but now the good folks at MotorAuthority appear to have snagged a rear-end shot they believe proves otherwise...

The rumors they've heard whispered over the back fence indicate they'll be outsourcing production of the teeny-tiny car to Maserati. We guess that explains why the shot they've captured of what they believe to be the Dino undergoing testing on the dyno is camouflaged with the shell of a Maserati Gran Turismo. In addition:

"the new small Ferrari is expected to share much in common with the car from Modena including a new folding metal roof. The engine, however, will share its design with the 4.7L V8 that will power the Alfa Romeo 8C according to the guys at, but power will be boosted to differentiate the two cars."

Remember, Ferrari isn't even able to meet demand on the high-end models, so a Dino deal is no done thing. Although the Italian automaker isn't always known for making the most intelligent business choices — so anything is possible.

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