Commenter Of The Day: Blood Diamond Edition

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If you haven't seen the film Blood Diamond you're among the lucky ones. You'd think a film with a body count in the hundreds would be at least fun to watch and Leonardo DiCaprio, typically, brings energy to a film. And if that wasn't enough, there's always Jennifer Connelly. But no, the film is fairly boring. It tries to be both an action film and a movie about geopolitical intrigue. The body count in The Constant Gardner is much lower, but in terms of films about what we're doing to completely screw Africa it's hard to top it. We're sure no one is going to make a movie anytime soon about the Toyota floor mats recall, but if they do we don't see TyrannosaurusWRX buying tickets for it.


Leave it to Toyota to find a completely boring and mundane way to incinerate people


But seriously, be safe Toyota drivers.

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I've driven many, many Toyotas.

Unfortunately, this was back in the 80s and even now, with only three exceptions, every Toyota I've ever driven has been a 1988 or older.

The three newer ones I drove were eminently practical cars. Sufficient power, comfortable interiors, smart design. Like a well designed ergonomic can opener, they got the job done with a minimum of fuss. And then I threw them in the drawer and forgot about them.

No, wait - the can opener went into the drawer.

I have never had the opportunity to drive the last Supra Turbo. I understand it's like trying to screw a mountain lion - hugely exciting, assuming you don't get yourself killed.