This week at TreeHugger: Italians face a price backlash and a tough choice: biofuel or pasta? Their professor bought it on eBay. Now some MIT engineering students are taking a Porsche 914 into the land of the electric. Coast to coast across Canada in a Smart; a dad and his daughter do it on just 89 gallons of diesel. Biofuels are good, except when they're bad. The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance is trying to teach us the difference. When you have three wheels, driving on fumes is a good thing. The Alé three-wheeler, an X-Prize contender, says it huffs responsibly. Ever heard of The Mongol Rally? It's 10,000 miles through the Kazakh dessert in a car with a motor smaller than 1,000 cc. This year, the Green Team is going for glory. Survival, anyway. Gordon Murray, creator of the Mclaren F1, has set out to make an affordable green car that represents "a new class of vehicle" and can pay for itself.

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