Gov Schwarzenegger Encourages California Kids To Open Up Chop Shops

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger 's After-School All-Stars charity is all about inspiring the state's students to enrich their lives through self-expression and leadership. His latest attempt? Getting disadvantaged kids to open up chop shops. Seriously.

According to a representative for the charity, the program is called Leo's Chop Shop and is "a scale-model car building class that teaches students the techniques of building quality replicas." The concept itself seems harmless, although our biggest problem is with the name itself — "chop shop."

A chop shop, as defined by Merriam-Webster is "a place where stolen automobiles are stripped of salable parts." There are no other positive definitions.


These kids likely have a hard enough time as it is and putting "chop shop" on a college application or resume probably isn't going to help.

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Ash78, voting early and often

Ironically, that's the choice of high school dropouts around here. In the plateau of Northeast Alabama is a place called Sand Mountain, reputed across the East as "the place where cars disappear." Huge tracts of mountain land with a very sparse population. Lots of guys with salvage yards and the connections to not only secure the cars, but to move the parts all over North America. It's been called the epicenter of stolen/repoed cars in the US. Along with high levels of marijuana cultivation, it's one of the few ignominious things I'm oddly proud of in my area.

Fantastic rock climbing, too.