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Looks like even the directon of Michael Bay couldn't dent the huge opening week take of Transformers. The movie all about cars that turn into robots swallowed up $67.6 million in ticket sales over the weekend and $152.5 million since the movie opened a week ago from the 22 million-plus people experiencing a robogasm in the theater. That huge haul gives the Bay-directed film the title of "biggest first week revenues ever for a non-sequel." Does Bay get like a trophy or a plaque for that or something? While we try and figure out if we can rig something up for him out of the wreckage of old Decepticons we blew up with fireworks as a child, feel free to take a run through our entire Transformers tag page or the gallery below. Also, ignore that sound you hear right now, it's just Rick Wagoner screaming in joy over the rare bit of good news GM's gotten this month.

'Transformers' Morphs Into a Blockbuster [AP via The Huffington Post]

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