Stuntdriver can be thanked for tipping us off about this fine piece of hoonage. We got a doomed Subaru. We got a doomed Bronco. We got beer. Most importantly, we got incredible, jaw-dropping stupidity! This one gets slapped with a 15-point penalty for the bad music, but we're going to give it back 5 points for editing the film down to the hoonage itself and not spending several minutes showing drunken frat boys going "WHOOOO!" at the camera, slapping each other on the ass, showing off their rebellious tatts, etc (it's really a shame how many hoonage videos are ruined by such stuff). Because of the many ways this one could have gone fatally awry, we're going to award it a powerful 39 points on the Hoon-O-Meter. And- need we say it?- please don't try this dumbassness at home!

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