1974 Plymouth Duster

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Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California.

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The Duster was a crypto-fastback version of the Valiant and counterpart to the Beelzebublianic Dodge Demon, and these things spent a good decade being so commonplace as to be nearly invisible. Perhaps the Duster name was ruined by the infamous "Cocaine Factory" Turismo Duster of the mid-80s, but who could forget such Malaise machines as the Feather Duster (lightweight version) or the Space Duster (fold-down rear seat)?

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Is it possible that this 34-year-old Oakland Athletics bumper sticker has been on this car since Gerald Ford was president? Perhaps they made better stickers in the old days; after all, this '65 Impala still has a Charlie Finley-era "Swingin' A's" decal on the bumper.

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Yes, that's a Malibu parked behind the Duster, and really sharp-eyed readers might have noticed the Steyr Pinzgauer parked on the next block. We'll get a better look at the Malibu in a future installment of DOTS!

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Alameda = Atlantis.

Thats right folks, this whole "Alameda" thing Murilee has cooked up is an elaborate hoax. We all send him photos of stuff in our neighborhood, and he cleverly photoshops them into an imaginarium in California.

Lets face it - Duster+Malibu+Pinzguaer in one place? That tipped me off, its just impossible.

So I searched for this so called "Alameda Island". Right - I'd doesn't exist, and a few references to this myth that Murilee is promoting - actually making money off, lets face it - gave me some gps coordinates. I put them into google maps, and found out the real truth:


There is the proof - this "Alameda" is just a dream, and there is no reality, except the one that Murlilee has "constructed".