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OK, so there's Pinks the TV show and then there's Pinks: All Out. There's a key difference between the two and it's not the addition of a colon. Pinks pits amateur racers against each other in a best three-out-of-five, winner-take-all drag race format. The competitors have to sign over the title of his or her car with full knowledge that if he or she loses the race, they lose their ride. Or at least that's what we're told. The All Out version of the show has got a twist in the form of contestants battling not for their opponent's vehicle, but for $10,000 in cash. So here's the deal — they've been racing 'em out here in Milan all day now — it's tiring, it's hot, and if your runs are consistently in the 9.0s, and, what's that they say — you have a compelling story — you've got yourself a shot at one of the top 16 slots. And it's the "war room" where they make those calls. And for the first time in the history of Pinks: All Out, a blogger was let into the "war room" to watch as the decision-making duo decisively choose the sweet 16. So what's it like being in the "war room?" Well, as I said before, if the show's all about "heightened reality" then the war room is all about "heightened anxiety." Which is to say, they look a lot more anxious than they really are. But be that as it may, they're making the calls for tonights top-card drag racing. So we'll give 'em some room.

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