This QOTD comes fresh from our buddy Ted, who wonders if anyone else has engaged in any such ill-considered bravery:

I pondered this question yesterday as I did perhaps one of the stupidest/bravest things in a while. I was doing some minor hooning in the mountains of North Georgia, and managed to break a leaf spring on the rear end of my 4Runner. The broken leaf loosened the rear axle, tore off the exhaust and, for added shits and giggles, committed hari-kari in the gas tank. Gas was gushing out. After some hacking and a couple PBR's we got it set-up with some JB Weld, and, in a weird moment of good sense, left it to sit over night, hoping to come back the next day to a perfectly leak free tank.

Next day drove the 90 miles to the truck, discovered a tank that still leaked, and said "screw it!" and drove it home. Plenty of time to think on that journey about all the things that could make a spark back there. Broken leaf springs...broken exhaust...all within inches of the leak. But thanks to the power of bad sense and the luck of the hoon, made it home with nary a forest fire (I think) or explosion.

Aye! The elusive luck of the hoon. What say you?

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