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UPDATE: Thanks to the hard work of sardonicbastard, we've got a screen cap from the footage above.

We got an e-mail last night from Ryan, a Jalopnik reader out in often-sunny San Francisco. Ryan told us he may have spotted a silver Subaru WRX and later a rally blue STi accompanied by a film crew in an alley one block from the Mission district. That's cool, but we figured by the time he'd made it back to e-mail, it would surely be gone — no use sending in the troops for a shot, right? Wrong. According to our watch, at 2:05 AM EST, while one of us was off in dreamland, we received a phone call from Brian Lam, our gadget-obsessed editor in charge of our similarly obsessed brother site. He's camped outside an Apple store in San Francisco, where he came across — cue the drum roll — the rally blue STi. But here's the kicker — Lam was wearing the cool-for-us-gadget-tools "" camera setup on his head, so he managed to grab some video footage. And the even better news — the stuff's archived! But the problem is, we've no idea how to get to said footage and snag ourselves a copy of it. Anyone want to try to grab it? You should have all the deets you'll need to get 'r done, just drop us a copy when you've got it and we'll post it. But what's the video above you ask? Why that's our one second of fame as Lam signed off early this morning.

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