I've got some photos of nice 50s drivers I could use for today's Alameda DOTS car, but it's Friday and I'm in a wagon mood!

So howzabout this baaaaad 1970 Chevrolet Kingswood Estate station wagon? With Centerlines in the back, no less!

The owner's dachshund came after me while I was photographing the car; it even makes little yappy dogs mean!

The Kingswood Estate was the top-of-the-line Caprice-based wagon for '70; base price was $3866. This one really benefits from the "Copies 5¢" sticker.

The gas cap door in the bumper is a cool detail.

This car came with the base 350 engine, which is unfortunate given that $128.32 would have purchased the optional 400 small-block, and $133.45 was enough for the LS4 454 big-block (the LS6 wasn't officially listed as an option for the Kingswood, nor was the 4-speed, but your Chevy dealer could have made it happen).

This wagon has the same front body as my weathered Impala model! Rat own, rat own, rat own!

This thing actually looks better with Centerlines only in the rear! And it goes without saying that I'm hoping this thing has Cherry Bombs.

How's that for California-style rust? It rains all winter here and you get the top-down effect.


So, now that I've found three mean-looking Chevy wagons, each of which probably knocks a million bucks off Alameda property values, we must have a poll to determine which one is in fact our favorite. It's a tough choice; the '69 Nomad, being a lightweight A-body wagon, is most likely the quickest... but the '73 Caprice Estate may have the biggest engine (albeit strangled by emissions gear) and definitely has the most abrasive body texture. And, of course, the Kingswood has the Centerlines and that great '70 snout. What say youse?

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So vote early and often, and may the most badass wagon win!

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