The coming Volkswagen Tiguan SUV has indeed been somewhat of a buzz magnet, not leastwise due to VW's engaging of enthusiasts in a kind of "snakes on a mother@$#%ing plane" audience participation exercise. But choosing the name of an SUV isn't quite like picking out obvious dialog for Samuel L. Jackson. More than 350,000 readers of car mags owned by the Autobild group in 10 countries chose Tiguan over such howlers as Nanuk, Namib, Rockton and Samun (no offense to the indigenous peoples who bear those names). Then the company "pre-released" shots of the SUV wearing spy-thwarting Hyundai badges. Now, two months ahead of the Frankfurt show where it'll make its debut, the company is revealing the Tiguan as it'll look in the world's forecourts. One nugget to mull over, Volkswagen says it will offer the SUV exclusively with turbocharged direct injection engines. Worldwide. Could a torque monster be in your future?

Press Release:

First pictures: Powerful appearance - this is the new Tiguan
- Statement: new Volkswagen SUV with powerful design
- Borderliner: predestined for the street, in top form for off-road


Wolfsburg, 28 June 2007 - With the first pictures of the new Tiguan Volkswagen is starting the countdown for the debut of it's 14th model series. The Sports Utility Vehicle - SUV for short - will be presented to the public for the first time in September as part of the International Motor Show (IAA in Frankfurt). A combination of power and elegance characterizes the design of the new Tiguan. It was conceived as a borderliner between the urban world and endless landscapes, between business and leisure time. The Tiguan is a multitalent with driving characteristics that are just as agile as they are comfortable, high utility value and groundbreaking technologies.

Like the Touareg, the second Volkswagen SUV also presents a self-confident design. Shaping the front of the new Tiguan are the sexy proportions that Volkswagen first introduced with the Concept A Study that garnered worldwide attention - a crossover of a coupe and SUV. On the sides an elongated and powerfully modulated silhouette spans between the extended wheel arches with a - typical Volkswagen - unmistakable C-pillar. A very short overhang characterizes the steep rear end. Also significant are the front headlights and rear lights with matching shapes.

First facts on Tiguan engines: Volkswagen will offer the SUV - and this for the first time worldwide - exclusively with turbocharged direct injection engines. This "high-performance turbocharging" significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions, yet immensely increases dynamics and driving fun.


Overall there are three TSI and two TDI engines. Of these the completely new developments are the extremely quiet TDIs with common rail fuel injection. They achieve 103 kW / 140 hp and 125 kW / 170 hp and at 1,750 rpm already output 320 Nm or 350 Nm in four-wheel drive. Both TDIs already meet the limits of the Euro-5 standard first coming into effect in 2009.

Also getting to the point powerfully, economically and cleanly are the turbocharged direct injection gasoline engines in the performance levels 110 kW / 150 hp, 125 kW / 170 hp and 147 kW / 200 hp. New to the Volkswagen program are the 150 hp and 170 hp versions. A glance at the torque values makes one sense that the TSIs are very high torque. The 150-hp TSI already develops a self-assured 240 Nm (from 1,750 rpm). In the 170 hp and 200 hp performance range it is 280 Nm (from 1,800 rpm each).

"Tiguan Base" on the internet shows just how big the interest is in the new Tiguan. Visitors to can log in to the virtual world of the Tiguan. The development stages of the new SUV are presented in photos, films and facts. Within just 15 weeks - and this is sensational - more than one million people have made use of it worldwide. It looks as though the Tiguan is developing into an exciting chapter in the history of the automobile.

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