Genesis Coupe eBay Deal Settled, Man Buys Hyundai

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We're still waiting for details, but we've been informed by the parties involved that the turbulent story of one man trying to buy a Genesis Coupe is close to a happy ending thanks to some help from Hyundai.


This story begins last December when an eBay bidder, who goes by his GenCoupe forum handle McFly, attempted to buy a Hyundai Genesis coupe from Glenn Hyundai via eBay. After successfully winning the bid the dealership backed out of the deal claiming he misunderstood the auction terms.

After McFly realized he wasn't getting his car he took to the web for support, and the web lashed out at Glenn Hyundai creating a storm of bad press and bad feelings. Eventually, the dealership buckled and agreed to give him the car but the deal quickly stalled and as of yesterday was off.

Our conclusion was this could go to court unless a third-party intercedes and it appears the other party who did step to the plate was Hyundai Motor America. We're glad this is finally, hopefully, resolved.

So that's Saab, Hyundai, and world peace accomplished. Now we just need to finish the troop withdrawal and we can call it a month.



We didnt need the bullshit political jab in the post, its unnecessary and in no way, shape, or form improves the post in any way. This is a car blog, and political statements of any kind dont really belong here.

And FYI, President Bush started the troop withdrawals and re-deployments to Afghanistan in 2008. Maybe doing a little reading or at least some background research might help increase the factual content of your baseless political ramblings.