We found an interesting article on the confusion EU fuel retailers face as different members of the Eurofederacy pursue varying solutions to the petroleum problem. Chris Davies, the Minister of European Parliament who royally pissed us off a couple posts back by suggesting that performance cars should be banned also makes a point we find rather sound and valid: "Cars designed to go at stupid speeds have to be built to withstand the effects of a crash at those speeds. They are heavier than necessary, less fuel-efficient and produce too many emissions."

Except, Mr. Davies, they don't have to be built to withstand a crash at those speeds. They just have to perform well on the Euro NCAP (or similar) tests. Nobody says a Carrera GT or an Enzo has to be able to crash at 200mph with a reasonable chance of occupant survival. And besides, those cars are relatively light, because they're made of cost-no-object carbon fiber. Cars, Mr. Davies, are heavier because of insurance companies. You wanna really help out Joe Motorist? Go after those bastards. Oh, and subsidize the carbon fiber industry.


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