This Post Is Not Brought To You By Toyota

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Toyota: The automaker moving you forward... into a Tesla electric roadster... at a high rate of speed... and beyond your control. [Twitpic via AnnoyingTweeple]


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Well, I was beginning to think this whole thing was being blown out of proportion. But then.....

My 62 year old mother was in an accident tonight. She was on the way home from work in her 2000 Lincoln Continental. She was on I-20EB just outside I-285 in Atlanta. Traffic was starting to break free and get up to speed. She was up to 40-45mph when she got rear ended hard enough to slam her knees into the dashboard, knock her glasses off and push her into the car in front of her. (She was wearing her seat belt as she always has for at least the last 37 years.) I'm SURE she was following a safe distance too, she is one of the most defensive/careful drivers that I know. She said that she slammed on the brakes and the car wouldn't stop. My guess is that she was being pushed by the car from behind. The pavement was wet too so that might have been a factor. She was NOT stopping before being hit, but slowly accelerating. She said she didn't remember being tailgated before this either. When all was said and done 4 or 5 cars were involved in this. None were hit hard enough to deploy an airbag and there were no injuries other than bumps and bruises.

The car that hit her and started the wreck. A 2009 Toyota Matrix. The driver is claiming that the car was having unintended acceleration. In this case it does seem believable.