First the good news. Since the RS4 droptop is going to be so rare, there aren't any options. That means you get stuff like bi-xenon adaptive headlamps, front and rear seat heaters, an iPod hookup in the glove and all the tacky carbon fiber interior bits found in the sedan are replaced with (somehow) more tasteful brushed aluminum pieces. Plus, you know, the top comes down and the only thing between you and the sound of that glorious 4.2-liter FSI V8 engine is the hood and a little windshield. OK, OK, here's the bad news. The price starts at $81,900. And there's a $775 destination charge. As well as a yet to be determined gas-guzzler tax. Which is a $15,000 premium over the four-door. Which is the base price for the M5. Which may or may not be worth it. Who are we kidding? Of course it'll be worth it. Now, about that Avant...

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