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We've finally had the chance to check out the General's newest addition to its blogging empire — a blog all about the Cadillac CTS. Because who doesn't want a blog all about one model with little to no online enthusiast following? But whatever — for those of us users of the newest of new technology, we're always looking to make sure our cars work with our gadgets. Which is why we found the response to a question posed back in April of "Will the CTS have Bluetooth capability?" so interesting. Here's what the General has to say:

"Bluetooth capability will be a dealer-installed accessory for 2008 CTS models. There's a very simple "pack" that dealers install quickly and easily to enable this capability. We're investigating a more-comprehensive approach for subsequent years if consumer interest continues to grow in Bluetooth. But the CTS absolutely can support it for 2008. Stay tuned on this front. Cadillac will have some really interesting features to discuss later this summer that will be in the CTS right off the bat."

Good to hear the General's right at the bleeding edge of technology — so bleeding edge they're "investigating a more-comprehensive approach" to a dealer-installed "pack" on a technology available in the majority of cell phones on the market — but only if "consumer interest continues." This does not bode well wethinks. So if you, as a consumer, is interested in Bluetooth — why don't you head on over to GM's Caddy-blog and make sure to drop them a comment on the post below telling them so.

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