[Note: Jonny Lieberman loves his wagons. — ed.] Be still our beating heart. Those of you eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Jesus Phone are boring. Mitsubishi just greenlit production of the Lancer Sportback. This car was first shown as a concept at Frankfurt in 2005. And yeah, it's got a 2.0-liter 300 hp Evo mill. Plus some other engines that no one really cares about (1.5-liter and 1.8-liter gas mills plus a 2.0-liter diesel unit. The latter of which we won't get). Hey Audi and BMW, you still refusing to give us our RS4 Avant and M5 Wagons? Too bad, cause we don't want 'em any more. And Subaru, while we're truly stoked about the arrival of the 5-door STI, why'd you have to beat it so hard with the ugly stick? Which reallyt sucks for you, cause the EVO wagon looks really, really good. Good like when's the damn WRX paid off? It had better be 2008, when this puppy drops. One more pic after the jump.

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