The UK's 4Car went behind the curtain at Volkswagen's skunk werks and came back with a summary of the R&D work product percolating. It starts with VW's Combined Combustion System (CCS), a low-emissions engine setup that runs on a new kind of synthetic boutique fuel, currently under development. It'll be $40 a gallon and come in clear glass bottles with French words printed on them, presumably. Another proto engine is the GCI, or gasoline compression ignition, which achieves the fuel economy of a diesel engine at the low emissions profile of a petrol engine. It works by switching between spark-plug ignition (gas) for starting and hard acceleration and glow-plug compression ignition (diesel) when cruising. Perhaps the coolest innovation 4Car highlights is VW's just-for-kicks adjustable suspension that uses software to vary it from Lotus Elise to Buick Lacrosse, without changing the hardware. The future will not be hybridized, apparently.

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