From a purely technical standpoint, we've got to give this Australian don't-do-dope-and-drive ad a thumbs-up for production value: the crackling sound of the joint burning, the purplish light playing tetrahydracannabinolically over the devilweed-maddened hopheads' faces, the foreshadowing of heartbreak and tragic loss as Stony McDope passes his stick of tea over to the doomed Rebecca Redeyes. However, we have a few suggestions: First, the car is all wrong; they should be driving a Valiant Charger with a Hemi Slant Six. Second, the music playing in the vehicle- come on, if there ever was a time to play AC/DC, this is it (though Atomic Bitchwax would work as well). Third, the crash scene is just plain weak; the horror-movie screaming is fine, but we want to see a goddamn fireball here!

Even Sergeant Stedenko Could Handle This Bust [internal]