New BMW 5 Series to Reveal Itself at New York Auto Show

BMW'll unveil the new 5 Series at next week's New York Auto Show. [BimmerFile]


oh joy another BMW reveal. We already know what 9/10ths of it looks like. We know it will look just like the BMW 5 series of the last 15 years. We know that it will be rear wheel drive. We know it will have the hated Idrive. We know that every magazine and website (besides say MustangForever.COM) will say its the greatest car every built.

Its like a Porsche unvieling. It looks the same it has the same mechanicals with 10 more horses. Oh look they move the headlights out by 10mm!!!

No wait this wont have the bangle butt! Thats new

No wait it wont have side flames either (so I read in a magazine as outdated as that is)

In Europe there will be 24 engines available from Diesels to Gas to Hydrogen to fuel cell and even methane that you pump from the ass of the owners whose always each the richest foods. In the US we will have two choices an 8 and a turbo something

No wait it might look like a Z coupe! It could be different.. yeah right...