Spotted down by Alameda's waterfront, this salty sea dog of an Econoline pickup could be a '61, a '67, or anything in between...

...we'll need help from you real Econoline experts to nail down an exact year on this truck. But that's an unimportant detail, because this thing is ageless. Check out the weathered wooden bumper! A plank for ye to walk! Arrrh!

Once again we see that vehicles rust slowly in these parts, from the top down. It's a safe bet that this truck's cab has That Damp Car Smell about two months into a typical rainy Bay Area winter.

The flat-nosed Econolines certainly had a more soulful "face" than the later models with hoods. As for safety... well, just don't hit anything, ever, and you'll be fine!

It takes at least 30 years to get that kind of texture on a paint job.

A true beater Econoline pickup needs a bed full of crap, and this one is no exception. Tires, rusty boat winches, beer cans, etc. Perfect. If you're gonna drive a truck, drive a truck!

That tailgate's probably been slammed shut 20,000 times. No doubt it rattles like crazy, but it still works.

Nice texture on the tailgate top edge and latch.

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