The annual VW Classic is the largest Volkswagen event in the world. Next year a bigger event in Germany might usurp Irvine, California's throne, but for now the Southern California show is king. Hundreds if not thousands of classic, air-cooled VeeDubs of all kinds ('member the Matador?) gather to be gawked at and appreciated. But how many Bugs can you look at? Luckily for those of us from the ADD set, there's a giant swap meet loaded with all sorts of cool stuff to check out. And check we did. Peruse the gallery and make the jump for more.

Thank you for jumping.

Yep, they put Volkswagen manuals on vinyl. Which is so groovy our bong just make love to our lava lamp. This particular seller had a whole box full of these killer recordings. Sorry for my reflection.

Predictably, a VW event in Orange County will feature fools selling bullshit like this. Sure, you can argue it has historical significance, but then you'd be the guy with the Hitler poster in your garage. Remember, the only thing chicks hate as much as Nazism is back hair.

Luckily, the VW Classic had one of these to offset the hateful nonsense. Yep, that's a US Army Bug of 1947 vintage. That's what American troops tooled around Germany in when it was too wet to take the Jeep. The Jeep that helped kick Hitler's ass back to his bunker, I'd like to add.

This was just too cute for school. Who doesn't love a little Type II Single Cab hauling Bosch parts? Visit the gallery for the bigger version.

While I suppose my age and interests should have dictated that I spent my time looking at clutch return springs and Type III dashboards, I found myself much more interested in the toys. I mean, how do you beat six 21 window buses! Exactly, you don't.

For Herr Johnson.

And you just knew they were going to have some Hazet radness. And they did.

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